Because creating a safe workplace doesn\'t just help your employees,

it helps your bottom line. 

Any time one of your employees is injured, it costs your company. The loss can be in production, hiring and training a replacement, rescheduling work or the loss of a project or job. Plus, the injury can cause workers’ compensation premium rates to go up. In Retro you have an opportunity to turn your good safety performance into a refund from L&I by preventing injuries and controlling losses.

Keep it simple. No accidents, no claims. 

  • When it comes to controlling workers compensation costs, you do have options. Whether or not you are a seasoned pro with communicating with the Department of Labor and Industries, or not, WMC can help customize a plan for you.  You work hard to control your worker\'s comp costs, and we work to leverage those efforts. Retro refunds are great, but our philosophy is that it is better to pay less up front, by lowering your experience factor. Through retro refunds and controlling claim costs, we provide savings that other retro groups just can’t match.

    WMC will look back at your claim history to identify gaps and show you how improvements in safety and claim management could have saved you money then and how it will save you money in the future.